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Henry McClelland first passed through the turnstiles of his beloved Galabank in 1977 when Annan Athletic’s ground boasted little more than patchy grass and rusted goalposts. Today McClelland stands proud as club chairman and last summer he oversaw a £600,000 facelift to this modest little ground, tucked away in a corner of rural south-west Scotland. In addition to the implementation of an all-weather third generation (3G) pitch last summer, the Scottish Third Division outfit constructed a large terracing area and refurbished various parts of the 2,500-capacity Galabank facility. This was largely aided by the Scottish government’s Cashback for Communities scheme, which invests... More... (News)

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What does '3G pitch' mean?

The artificial turf named '3G' (Third Generation) is a surface created using synthetic fibres and rubbers, made to look like grass. Unlike previous artificial surfaces, the pitch does not contain sand, therefore it is much less likely to cause friction burns to the skin. The main reason for its use is maintenance—artificial turf stands up to heavy use, particularly in sports, and requires no irrigation or trimming.

How much to build a 3g football pitch?

The 3G surfaces have evolved to mimic the playing characteristics of a natural field but can be used endlessly in all weather conditions. The third generation surfaces is what all the premier league teams train on and to build a full size football pitch with fencing, floodlighting, drainage, groundworks and surfacing costs approximately 600k. This price is based on the site being good access and existing level conditions to the site.