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Corrib Rangers AFC gets long lease for 3G pitch

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Westside football club Corrib Rangers AFC has been given a ten year lease on a 3G all weather sports facility with floodlights at the Corrib Park Neighbourhood Park. The lease was approved at Monday’s city council meeting. A report was circulated to councillors from City Hall’s director of services Ciarán Hayes. The report stated that the council proposed to lease the facility to the club, subject to compliance with a number of conditions. These include the term of lease for a period of 10 years; the payment of rent of €1,200 a year, to be reviewed after five years; and the payment of a capital/overheard contribution of €6,000 a year, also to be reviewed after five years. This latter condition is to ensure funds are set aside to replace the synthetic carpet, crumb infill, and floodlighting lamps when they have reached the end of their working life. The motion to lease the lands to Corrib Rangers AFC was approved by councillors. Fine Gael councillor Pádraig Conneely welcomed the decision. He described Corrib Park as a “progressive football club” and said: “Upgraded sports facilitates are important if sporting clubs like Corrib Rangers are to continue to support youth football programmes on the west side of the city.”

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What does '3G pitch' mean?

The artificial turf named '3G' (Third Generation) is a surface created using synthetic fibres and rubbers, made to look like grass. Unlike previous artificial surfaces, the pitch does not contain sand, therefore it is much less likely to cause friction burns to the skin. The main reason for its use is maintenance—artificial turf stands up to heavy use, particularly in sports, and requires no irrigation or trimming.

How much to build a 3g football pitch?

The 3G surfaces have evolved to mimic the playing characteristics of a natural field but can be used endlessly in all weather conditions. The third generation surfaces is what all the premier league teams train on and to build a full size football pitch with fencing, floodlighting, drainage, groundworks and surfacing costs approximately 600k. This price is based on the site being good access and existing level conditions to the site.