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£1.5m plan to install new football pitches

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MORE than £1.5 million will be invested in sports facilities under plans to revamp two football pitches with modern artificial turf. The development will see the new pitches installed at Dimensions Leisure Centre, in Burslem, and Northwood Stadium.The work, which features modern '3G' articifical turf, also includes refurbishing changing facilities. Fitness fans in Burslem welcomed the modern pitch improvements. Damian Tootell, aged 38, from Silverdale, said: "The facilities are very good and we come with our three-year-old son. "The funding sounds encouraging and it is important to keep places like this up-to-date. "Any outdoor pitch is going to suffer from the weather when it comes to keeping it intact and I think they did need updating a bit. "It is good to hear they are spending money to encourage people to use outdoor facilities." At Northwood the changing facilities will be refurbished and a derelict pitch will be brought back into use, while the synthetic turf pitch at Dimensions will be replaced with a new pitch. The work will go ahead after Stoke-on-Trent City Council voted in favour of the development. The council has worked closely with the Football Foundation and Sport England to secure grants worth a total of £1,126,581 for the project. The authority will also make a contribution of £465,250 to the scheme from the Invest to Save fund that the council created as part of approving their budget. Matthew Harlow, aged 36, from Newcastle, said: "I think it is a great idea and it is definitely needed as there are not enough sports facilities in Stoke-on-Trent. "I grew up with football and rugby and I think it is important to encourage children to exercise outdoors." The pitches would be made out of artificial turf named Third Generation – or '3G'- which uses synthetic fibres and rubbers to look like grass. The main reason for its use is ease of maintenance as it requires no watering or trimming. It is believed the two new facilities will generate income of nearly £300,000 per year. Councillor Mark Meredith, cabinet member for economic development, culture and sport, said: "The proposed projects will have a very positive impact on both facilities and indeed communities across Stoke-on-Trent as a whole. "The projects will help to increase and maintain participation in sport, mainly through junior and adult football but the pitch at Dimensions will cater for a range of other sports."

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What does '3G pitch' mean?

The artificial turf named '3G' (Third Generation) is a surface created using synthetic fibres and rubbers, made to look like grass. Unlike previous artificial surfaces, the pitch does not contain sand, therefore it is much less likely to cause friction burns to the skin. The main reason for its use is maintenance—artificial turf stands up to heavy use, particularly in sports, and requires no irrigation or trimming.

How much to build a 3g football pitch?

The 3G surfaces have evolved to mimic the playing characteristics of a natural field but can be used endlessly in all weather conditions. The third generation surfaces is what all the premier league teams train on and to build a full size football pitch with fencing, floodlighting, drainage, groundworks and surfacing costs approximately 600k. This price is based on the site being good access and existing level conditions to the site.